WPM White Paper

Security, Simplicity & Support: How to Satisfy International Students’ Payment Needs

International Payment Experience Whitepaper

In 2019 international students contributed £6.9 billion in tuition fees to the UK higher education sector.

Each student is willing to pay significant fees to attend university in the UK so if they find the payment process hard it can easily become a significant source of dissatisfaction. But what do international students struggle with?

Based on the findings from the latest round of WPM research, which combined ten focus groups and a large scale online survey of the international students at eight institutions, this white paper will tell you:

  • The issues international students experience when trying to pay universities
  • How and when international students want to make payments
  • What international students want from their universities in relation to payments
  • What you can do to improve the payer experience for your international students
  • How improving the payer experience will positively impact operational and cost improvements

Download the Research

The research has been done for the benefit of the wider higher education sector and we encourage institutions to download this and get in touch with WPM if you have any specific questions or would like us to talk through how this could be applied to your own institution.