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Improve the Payment Experience for your EU Students

The UK higher education sector is one of the most international in the world; however in some cases payment processes can cause stress and confusion for EU students, and also problems and inefficiencies for the university.

In late 2018, WPM Education expanded upon their international research to better understand the issues which arise for the circa 139,000 EU students in the UK (30% of all non-UK students). DJS Research conducted a series of focus groups to explore experiences and attitudes towards payment of tuition and accommodation fees.

Key Findings

  • The ‘Pressure Cooker’ – some institutions are creating a ‘pressure cooker’ situation by putting in place payment processes and methods that create a highly stressful situation for students/payers, and university staff physically facilitating the payments. Find out what the five key issues are that create or compound this situation
  • The digital banking revolution is creating a gap between how the student/payer expects to be able to pay and the actual payment experience. See how this widening expectation gap can lead to dissatisfaction
  • The majority of students and payers want to take control of the payment process. Discover how this has the potential to change the role of finance

Download the Research

This research has been done for the benefit of the wider higher education sector and we encourage institutions to get in touch with us if you would like to receive a copy.

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