Research plays a key role at WPM, helping us to understand the needs and dynamics of the sector, in order to ensure our Payment Platform and supporting services are meeting the sector’s current and future requirements.

Universities have to find a balance between trying to meet the needs of individual payers, running an efficient back office, managing costs and ensuring they are meeting their compliance obligations. Our research provides the sector with valuable insight into these often competing areas.

We share our research with customers, working with you to drive positive change across the sector.

Insights into the Payment Experiences of International Students

International students play a key role in ensuring the future sustainability of UK universities. Make sure you are providing a payment experience that meets their payment expectations and improves a key source of inefficiency in your back office.

Insights into the Payment Experiences of EU Students

The expectation gap between how EU students expect to be able to pay and their actual payment experience is widening. Find out what creates the most problems for EU students when making payments to UK universities.

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