Payment Platform

Providing a seamless, integrated and safe payment experience for payers across different payment channels.

Universities and colleges, because of their complexity and size, can often have a piecemeal and inconsistent approach to taking payments. For nearly 20 years we have been working in partnership with the higher and further education sectors to develop a proprietary Payment Platform that meets their unique needs.

WPM Education Payment Platform

Seamless, integrated
experience for payers across different payment channels

Automated reconcilliation information & fulfillment back to originating systems


  • Owned, developed and managed in the United Kingdom by WPM’s dedicated teams
  • Grown in conjunction with, and in response to, the sector’s evolving needs over nearly 20 years
  • Integrating with over 130 third party and university systems, allowing you to standardise payment processes for payers and staff
  • Easy to add additional payment channels, and switch between PSP’s and/or other acquirers to ensure competitive pricing
  • Automated reconciliation information & fulfilment back to originating systems

Helping your Institution

  • Understand and improve the payer experience for all types of payer
  • Deliver recurring efficiency savings
  • Manage and reduce transaction costs
  • Understand and achieve compliance requirements (PCI DSS and GDPR)

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