At WPM, our goal is to help you achieve your goals. And to do that, we aim to become a trusted partner; aligning our services with your broader long term objectives, as well as being quick to respond when you need immediate help and support in getting the best from our systems.

Proactive account management

Your WPM Account Manager is first and foremost here to gain a better understanding of your future needs and development of your systems. Your Account Manager will work with you to understand and achieve your short, medium and longer term objectives for taking payments as well as helping tackle your current challenges.

But beyond that, through regular contact and engagement on a consultative level, we aim to take a genuinely proactive approach. If we can see a better, more efficient way of doing things, you can rely on us to let you know, without waiting to be asked.


While our Payment Platform is exceptionally user-friendly, even the most intuitive tools need to be used well, in order to deliver the best possible results.

The training we provide is designed to help users at all levels to gain maximum benefit from our systems within the context of their organisation.

Reliable performance

Having provided our Payment Platform to universities and colleges since 2001, we have built our reputation on reliable 24/7 performance.

But on those very rare occasions when all does not go entirely according to plan, you will see us at our best.

When clients need us, we respond fast and efficiently, doing whatever it takes to ensure that any issue is resolved, with the minimum possible interruption to normal service.

Developing a Payment Acceptance Strategy

Our close relationship with clients enables us to play a valuable role in collaborating with them to develop a Payment Acceptance Strategy, together with the necessary metrics to measure its success.

In many cases, this will focus on making better and more extensive use of our Payment Platform, to maximise efficiency gains and cost savings; for example, as part of an institution's commitment to continued engagement with students and alumni.

WPM events

Many of the universities and colleges we work with have been clients of WPM for 10 years or more.

Over time, we have come to think of them as a community, and are passionate about encouraging the sharing of knowledge and ideas, through regular user events.