WPM for
Further Education

Colleges all over the UK are using our systems to transform their efficiency in taking secure online payments from students, for everything from field trips or adult learning courses to exam resits and course materials.

Cut costs, increase efficiency and grow revenue

The WPM Payment Platform can increase efficiency across all college functions that involve accepting payments, with many clients reporting savings of £10 per transaction, or even more.

With the Online Store functionality of the Payment Platform you can also greatly increase revenue, by offering a wider range of services, and a much easier online payment experience.

Simple, and fully integrated

Fully hosted by us, our Payment Platform integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, so that all the management information provided by the Payment Gateway functionality is delivered in the form to which you are accustomed, making it easy to achieve major gains in efficiency from day one.

A system that will grow with you 

Our Payment Platform is fully scalable, designed to enable you to continuously improve efficiency in accepting payments, right across your college. Your financial savings will grow too - since after initial set-up costs, we charge only an annual licence fee, with no additional costs for transactions.

Exceeding customer expectations

With WPM, your online payment systems will always perform consistently - making it quick and easy for your students to pay for anything, whenever it suits them and wherever they may be.