The WPM Payment Platform provides the framework for a complete and totally integrated system through which all of your university's or college's incoming online and electronic payments can be routed.

Payment Gateway functionality

Online payments, processed with maximum efficiency

With the WPM Payment Gateway, there are no limits to the type of online payments that can be accepted. From credit card payments, through PayPal, to Direct Debits, you will be able collect and process payments with maximum efficiency - saving time and money on every transaction.

Our Payment Gateway enables every part of your institution to take advantage of the benefits of centralised payment processing, in terms of efficiency and access to management information.

In addition, the system will enable you to provide devolved access to specific payment pathways to departments or individuals within your institution.

Advanced payment options

In addition, the system can be configured to deliver a high level of customer service by offering even more advanced options, such as deferred, instalment or recurring payments.

Your college or university will have the ability to securely store and process credit and debit cards, which can easily be set up for customers to pay by instalment or recurring date-specific payments. Post-dated cheques will be a thing of the past.

Using a web-based administration tool, you will also be able to create and amend payment instructions, generate correspondence, and view reports.

Online Store functionality

Increased revenue, and improved customer experience

Our Online Store functionality within the Payment Platform enables you to take your online offering to a new level, increasing revenue - by selling a wider range of products and services - and providing your students with a greatly improved customer experience. Our clients have seen payment volumes increase significantly year on year.

For your students, our Online Store means they can browse your products and services in their own time, and seamlessly purchase, exactly as they are accustomed to do whenever they shop online.

For your institution, quicker and more efficient transactions are only one of the advantages. No less important is the ability to increase revenue by continually extending the range of products and services available online.

Three ways to save time and increase efficiency

Within our Online Store, we have developed three specialised options in key areas:

  • Conferences and events: a solution for customers to book and pay online for all kinds of conferences and events
  • Short courses: a quick and convenient way for students at all stages of their education to book and pay for short courses online
  • Graduation ceremonies: a flexible solution to simplify the booking process, reducing administrative costs, and increasing overall revenue from graduation ceremonies

A simple, fully integrated solution

Saving you time and money, from day one

The WPM Payment Platform is designed to slot seamlessly into your existing systems. Fully hosted by us, it is simple to configure to your specific needs and business logic - providing you with the right data, in the right form, at the right time. Which means there is no lengthy learning curve: you can expect to save time and money on every transaction, from day one.

PCI DSS compliance

Your security is in safe hands

Naturally, the security of your institution's payment system is of paramount importance. With WPM, you can relax in the knowledge that our Payment Platform is fully PCI DSS compliant. And our standing as a Level 1 Service Provider helps our clients reduce their PCI DSS scope, reducing both compliance risks and associated costs.

Client success stories

Learn from others' experience

Click here to see how other universities and colleges around the UK have used our Platform to transform their efficiency in accepting payments.

Payment Platform overview




Payment Platform functionality diagram

Our clients have seen payment volumes increase significantly year on year.
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Benefits in Brief


A single payment system that will save time and money on every transaction, while growing revenue.


A fully PCI compliant solution, helping you reduce compliance costs and risks.


A turnkey solution to simplify your payment processes, easy to configure, and intuitive to use.


Integrates fully with your existing systems, ensuring the right data in the right place at the right time.


A system capable of growing with you, to meet your future needs.